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BTC-GROUP has been established several years ago by a team of construction professionals willing to develop construction market with all their knowledge and experience.

Since then we have succeeded in designing and execution of construction works within the scope of large scale industrial infrastructure construction projects including construction of special facilities for Russian Spetsstroy corporation.


Our major areas of activity include:

- Oil and gas construction services;
- Industrial construction;
- Civil construction;
- Transport infrastructure construction;
- Procurement and logistic support;

In the course of development of our market activities we have realized that the only way to succeed in an increasingly competitive climate was to provide our Customers with complete solutions covering a full range of services from prefeasibility studies to construction and commissioning. On the basis of this idea there has been a group of companies established which unites the following entities: BTC-GROUP, Ltd., PSNG, Ltd. (PromStroyNefteGaz, Ltd.), HC Norteks, Ltd., Mezhregiontransservice, Ltd., – these companies can jointly offer a complete range of construction services.

PSNG-logoPSNG, Ltd. (PromStroyNefteGaz, Ltd.) specializes in industrial construction and executes field works, special (hydraulic) construction works, commissioning, fulfills general contractor and construction manager functions. Acting as a general contractor PSNG is usually targeted at construction of high risk industrial facilities for oil and gas, metallurgical, power and some other industries.

Mezhregiontransservice is specializing in execution of transport infrastructure construction projects such as construction and renovation of railway, motor transport, water transport, air transport and pipeline infrastructure facilities including roadway and airfield paving, construction of overpass bridges, tunnels, berths, transmission pipelines, r.w. stations, depots and other auxiliary transport facilities.

Norteks-logoHC Norteks is targeted at providing material and equipment support and logistic services related to all those construction projects fulfilled by Group’s companies. HC Norteks is acting as an independent and competitive supplier of a wide range of materials and equipment required for construction of different industrial facilities.

All companies of BTC-GROUP are the members of corresponding self-regulatory organizations (SRO). The companies possess all required certificates and permits for all types of work related to safety of construction of high risk industrial facilities.

It is obvious that market success depends mainly on high professional staff at all levels of company’s structure. That is why we are focused on building a strong team of experienced professionals capable of completing any task in the shortest possible time and with a high efficiency. Today we have more than 400 employees – engineers and project managers. We are proud to say that they are some of the best construction specialists in the country, most of them earned MBA degree abroad, proving their strong managerial skills.

The Group is fully equipped with all the necessary building machinery and equipment – there are more than 85 units of such machinery and vehicles available today.